Beautiful Peniscola by night
This is nothing dirty, just the name of a town in Spain. Gabi, who we met in Portugal last year, told me that “cola” means tail in Spanish. I had to visit a town called double tail … It turns out to be absolutely beautiful (quieten down back there) and well worth visiting. Enough already!

There is a beautiful old town part set up on the hill and it’s lit up at night. Sorry about the poor quality of the photo, but but but. Will just have to get a better camera as it can’t be the shitty photographer! It’s a good walk up the hill which is rewarded with awesome views across the bay and out to sea.

There is also a beautiful fishing harbour and it’s really great seeing all the fishing boats come in with loads of fresh fish. Then they sit around fixing the nets, drinking coffee and chatting to one another. I love it. The vibe. The smell. The seagulls. Heaven on earth.

Beautiful Peniscola by night

There’s a looong beautifully maintained promenade where we go for walks and bike rides. There’s the Spanish police that move camper vans from here to here… There are black moor hens with red beaks in between the reeds behind where we park (and where we get moved from here to here).

Peniscola Christmas lights

It is also a huge tourist destination so there are kilometres of hotels and high rise buildings, but it has retained enough charm and authenticity that I can still recommend going there. We only go in the winter as in summer it is apparently flooded with tourists and that’s too much for us. Never mind the heat – am I getting old or what is going on here!? The weather in winter is ideal if you ask me. Cold at night and lovely and sunny and warm during the day. Superb.

Go to Wiki for more info: Apparently it's called Peniscola because of a local pronunciation of the Latin word Peninsula...yeah, right.

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