(Today’s recipe: Stinging Nettles)
I HATE THEM. Everybody says they only sting at certain times of the year and the sting is not that bad. Well, they haven’t met my vicious Nettles. Mine sting all year. Even the roots sting. I’m not kidding. EVEN THE ROOTS STING.

The Husband is always trying to tell me how good they are - yes, I do enjoy the taste, but what about this bloody stinging business?! I’ll be innocently picking something for dinner and the next thing you know, you get zapped by an electric sting.

BUT. I have to admit that they are deelicious and so versatile. They are great in smoothies – add a (gloved) handful to your fruit and whatever else you like in your smoothies and be surprised. NOTE: Washing the nettles removes the sting (I’m told) so don’t forget to wash them.

We add it to soups and this is also very good. You can also make a pure Nettle soup or merely add leaves to whatever soup you’re making.

I’ve had Stinging Nettle Quiche courtesy of the lovely Jane and it was superb to say the least. (Jane, can we have the recipe please!)

In spite of my severe dislike for the plant itself, I have to commend its taste. This is a plant that can be eaten in various different ways and is nutritional power house. (I will however continue to fight you in my garden, in the fields, in the hills…)

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