• Beef Filet, mashed Potatoes and Root veggies & Blue Cheese Endives

    A photo of Beef filet, mash potatoes & root vegetables, and blue cheese endives.

    As I have mentioned in several posts, I spent a couple of weeks in the States at the beginning of the year and my great friend Peg and I made a Standing Rib Roast for New Years Eve dinner which was superb. As there are no photos of this great meal, you are getting recipes for a Beef Filet dinner I made in May which was also superb and for which I do have photographs! We had Beef Filet, blue cheese Endives and Mash Potato with carrots and pumpkin and here are all the recipes. But first the stories…

  • Cucumber Chicken Fricassee

    A photo of cucumber chicken fricassee.

    We’ve recently met a charming Canadian woman, Vanessa, who has asked me to post some cucumber recipes as she fears she will lose all her friends if she gives them any more cucumbers!! We have the same problem with zucchini / summer squash, but as always, you will have to be patient and zuke recipes will be posted soon. For today’s blog, I will be featuring the very prolific and yummy cucumber.

  • Household accidents

    A photo of a tamarisk in spring.

    I have a kitchen slicer / mandolin that is sharper than a Japanese Samurai sword and ever since I bought the thing 10 years ago, I have been waiting to slice off a body part. It is an awesome piece of machinery and it’s not that I particularly want to lose a body part, it’s just that it is sooo sharp and I am sooo clumsy. So finally a year or two ago, it happened and I succeeded in almost slicing off my right hand at the shoulder.

  • Tomato Coulis / Tomato Sauce

    A photo of two tomatoes together.

    Tomato season is well under way so it’s about time I sat down and penned the most fantastic tomato coulis (thick tomato sauce) recipe in the world. I make bottles and bottles of it every year as it is so good and so easy to make. Today I am also featuring some of the friends who asked me to post this recipe…here are their stories. (This is not a copyright, it’s a right copy!! Sigh, “Here are their stories” is the line they use on CSI, silly.)

  • Aulon Restaurant review

    A photo of a cross in Aulon.

    I can’t believe it’s already the 29th of August and I have only managed to do one post a week this month. Sorry! I will catch up next month and you’ll be inundated with posts. What I also haven’t done for a long while is a restaurant review, so today is the day.