• The million dollar cake

    Today’s recipe: Peach or apricot tart
    A photo of a slice of Peach Tart.

    Our little village in France made a decision for the environment rather than for a million dollars and this cake helped in making this decision. So now I suppose you want more details? Well, the cake is deliciously moist, looks gorgeous…oh, you meant about the environment!

  • Hallo Deutschland / Welcome to Germany!

    Today’s recipe: German Christmas cookies / Vanilla crescents / Vanillenkipferl
    A photo of a plate of German Christmas cookies.

    Today I send you greetings from Germany where I will be spending the next 5 weeks and where I hope (WILL) to catch up on this blog. The last couple of months have been so hectic and I have neglected my beloved blog something terrible. But all that is bad history and the future holds all things good – including German Christmas cookies/biscuits. My mother-in-law makes 10 to 20 different types each year and each one is a little masterpiece.

  • Christmas Cookies Continues

    A photo of Christmas cookies.

    Today’s recipes: Hazelnut meringues and Coconut meringues

    I saw it up ahead. It was something I had never seen before and I raced forward to get a better look. And sure enough, my worst fears were confirmed. Driving in the slow lane was a BMW sports car, its taillights tucked beneath its bumper. I kid you not. I mean, would one joke about something as serious as this?

  • Confit of Duck (Confit de canard) and Foie Gras (Fat liver)

    A photo of duck carcasses on the barbecue.
    Just before leaving France, we partook in the age old French tradition of bottling confit of duck and foie gras / fat liver. Foie gras is a much discussed product and I am not going to make a judgment about if one should eat it or not – I’ll let everyone decide for themselves. We enjoyed joining our French (and Scottish) neighbors / friends in preparing this traditional French delicacy so I thought I’d tell you about our fun evening and give you the recipes.

  • Belated Happy Halloween!

    A photo of Ed and I at Halloween.
    Once again a week has passed and I have not posted, but this time it is really not my fault (thank goodness). We are having trouble with our broadband AGAIN and I battle to get on-line. Although I have cried wolf far too often in this regard, it’s now really true and the wolf is biting me in the royal behind. So a belated HAPPY HALLOWEEEN and I hope you have a witch free year till the next 31st of October.