• Banana Cake / Tart

    Banana cake
    I have 3 very ripe bananas and 3 very cake loving Germans currently in my home. One of them is a permanent fixture, i.e., the German husband Joergi Bear, and the other 2 are his parents. Germans traditionally eat cake in the afternoon with their coffee and so I decided to make use of said 3 black bananas and bake a cake. I often bake a deevine banana bread, but I wanted to do something more special and for once the internet has proved less than forthcoming.

  • Farm Friday 5: The Spider's web

    A spider's web in the moonlight
    This beauty is (quite obviously) a spider web as opposed to the beauties in my house which are cobwebs, i.e., abandoned spider webs. The oldest web was found in England and dates back 140 million years so I don't feel so bad about the decade old ones hanging around my bedroom.

  • Supper with Susie and Eddie

    Susie Said Stay for Sunday Supper
    and if Susie Says Stay for Sunday Supper
    you Stay for Sunday Supper
    'cos Susie's Sunday Suppers are Super.

    And Susie Serves Sunday Super Suppers Splendidly,
    and Susie's Splendid Sunday Suppers Sure Smell Scrumptious
    and Scrumptious Surely Says So much for
    Susies's Super Sunday Supper!!!

    Smoked Trout with Mascarpone

  • Farm Friday4: The Snow Plow

    Our plow during the “storm”
    So I missed one Farm Friday, but does that really mean I have to be tarred and feathered?! I am, of course, grateful to my loyal / crazy following that they even care, so I shall endeavor to be better and not let this happen again. And I do have SO much to write about. And I have tons of recipes just about ready to be posted. Sigh.

  • Farm Friday 3: My Kitties

    Buddha in the doorway of our farmhouse in winter
    I amaze myself at my Farm Friday dedication. It's shortly before midnight and I am dutifully at my computer purely for your pleasure...okay, so I too enjoy my blog. We have had a wonderful week with a delightful French student, Alexandre, who I would adopt if it wasn't for the fact that he already has a wonderful family. Buddha and Puss Puss, my first and second born furry “children” are slightly jealous, so I am posting photos of them today.