• Farm Friday 9: Duckling Delight

    The one and only duckling
    “A man walks into a bank, pulls out a gun and demands that the cashier gives him all the money she has. She quickly hands over the money and puts up her hands in fear. The man turns to one of the customers in the bank and asks if he had seen what had just happened. The man says yes, of course he had. So the bank robber shoots him. He then turns to a woman customer and asks if she had seen anything. No I didn't, she says, but my husband did...“

  • 'Tis the season of zucchini

    One of out zucchini plants
    If you don't have a zucchini plant (or 4 or 5) then you neither have the joy nor the desperation of those of us who do. A friend once sent me an email boldly titled:
    How to use up your excess zucchini/courgettes/summer squash.
    It was about a woman circling a supermarket parking lot very slowly in her car, who, as soon as she spotted an open window, would pull up, jump out and dump her zucchinis into the car before tearing off.

  • Zucchini / Marrow / Courgette Soup

    Zucchini soup
    This is a quick and easy recipe but it has loads of flavor and is deelicious.