• Traditional Quiche Lorraine

    Marion, Pierre’s sister, also gave me a recipe for a traditional Quiche Lorraine, so I thought I might just spoil you and give you both. Make them both and then please write and tell me which you prefer. A photo would be great too – am I cheeky or what!?

  • Quiche Lorraine a la Pierre’s Mom

    Pierre cycling
    Pierre was one of the lovely French students that stayed with us this summer (he gets a mention the curry extravaganza post too) – that’s him in the photo, cycling the hills around our farm. We met his equally lovely Mother and sisters and they very kindly gave me their secret family recipe for Quiche Lorraine with a twist. Unlike the original, this one contains mushrooms and is also no longer a secret! I have promised my ultra special pizza dough recipe in exchange, so watch this space Pierre as it will soon be posted…

  • Spiced Chicken Terrines

    Spiced Chicken Terrine
    I forgot the starter! I was so excited about the Herbed Crown Roast of Lamb that I forgot to tell you about the starter. We are now into Day 4 of Laura Praise. My other friends are going to start getting annoyed at all the attention she’s getting. My mate Em is also a great cook and I have tons of dishes of hers yet to post – we’re having dinner at theirs on Saturday so I’ll be sure to get more material to post sooooon. But back to LLL Starter.