• Willow Creek - Goodness in their Nature

    The squeeze bottle of olive oil
    The favourable terroir of the Nuy Valley (South Africa), with its lime rich soil and
    Mediterranean climate, is especially suited to the production of premium
    quality olives and it is here that you’ll find the international award-
    winning Willow Creek Olive Estate. True to their reputation as producers of
    excellent olive oils and leaders in olive oil packaging, Willow Creek this
    week launched two new products that are sure to please consumers no end.

    Squeeze Me

  • The View Restaurant, Hove, England

    A beautiful bench near to the restaurant
    My mother recently had her 65th birthday and so I happily flew over to England to spend it with her and my Dad. They are in the deevine Victoria Nursing Home and the chef made a wonderful birthday cake for her, with candles and the whole 9 yards. Then my aunty Wendles and my uncle Peter organized a wheelchair accepting van and we took them down to the Hove beachfront for a walk/push and a meal.