• Peri-Peri Chicken Recipe

    Chicken peri peri
    I adore spicy food and when I worked as a rep in the restaurant industry a hundred years ago, I used to have ½ a extra hot peri peri chicken for breakfast on Thursdays when I visited Nandos in Sea Point. It's the perfect way to start the day if you ask me.

  • Mr Prickles

    Did you know that a group of hedgehogs is called a prickle of hedgehogs? How clever is that! It’s also called an array of hedgehogs, but that is not as fun or clever as a prickle of pricklys (second part naturally being a Crystalism).

  • A sunrise worth getting up for

    What do you think? Is this worth getting up early for or what?

  • Pigeon Poo

    Pigeon pooed car
    I was, and strangely enough, still am, the shortest in my family. My charming and delightful brothers and sisters told me if I put pigeon poo in m shoes, I would grow taller... Never trust your siblings is all I can say.

  • Mr Fishy Moustache

    (Fishy cooking ideas at end)
    Moustache Man
    Take a wild guess what the colours of the Portuguese flag are? Come on, you can do it. YES! Red and green they are. This Fish Seller in Olhão is clearly not only a good salesman but also a dedicated patriot. He’s got my vote for sure.

  • Olhão

    (Recipe for Churros at the end of the post)
    Fishing boat in Olhao harbour
    Olhão is another beautiful market town on our Portuguese adventure route. It has stunning market buildings and a great market. The inside market is open every day, but the outside market is only there on Saturdays. Both are well worth visiting.