• Nazaré where the Big Waves come to visit!

     Nazare lighthouse top
    We had heard about Nazaré from a friend of ours, Bob, whose son is Tom Butler a professional big wave surfer. In fact, just a few days ago on the 18th of December, he surfed the biggest wave ever at 30.8m (100 ft). I mean like the biggest wave ever surfed in the world!! And we know his Dad! I think this is called glowing in someone else’s shine or something like that!

  • Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

     Christmas 2018
    An ever so slightly belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We wish all of you the happiest, healthiest and most peaceful coming year than ever before. Our planet could do with some good cheer in 2019, so let's all work together to make it a memorable (in a good way!) year. Hugs and kisses Crystal and Joerg

  • Portuguese Pumpkin / Gourd Jam

     Pumpkin jam and cheese
    All over Portugal we saw fields of enormous pumpkins and pumpkins stacked like walls. We have never had pumpkin soup in Portugal, but you often find pumpkin/gourd jam in cakes or served with cheese. We had some at a restaurant in Chaves (see previous post) which was absolutely deeelicious.

  • Restaurante Casa Tipica O Campismo, Chaves, Portugal

     Salad with a great dressing!
    This restaurant came recommended by a fellow blogger Amumot (www.amumot.de) and the food was superb. The pricing can be a bit random (I’ll explain what I mean later), but completely reasonable and I can’t express enough how tasty the food was.

  • Populo and Fornos do Pinhal, Northern Portugal

    Our journey in Portugal continues in spite of the fact that we are currently not there, but I would like to show you some more beautiful places we visited whilst we were there. Right now we’re in Germany and even had some lovely snow on Sunday, but we’re staying in lovely warm Portugal blog wise!

  • Carne de Porco a Alentejano, Pork with fried potatoes and pickles

     Carne de Porco a Alentejano
    We had this fantastic dish in a restaurant in Chaves and we loved it so much I just had to try it myself. It is now a firm favourite in our household. The recipe apparently originates in the Algarve, with the black pork coming from the Alentejo, hence the name. It is downright deeelicious!