Die Poort, Cederberg Mountains

Die Poort
Also known as Bushmanspoort, this place is a little piece of heaven and we would quite happily have stayed there for the rest of our natural lives. It is owned and run by Manus and Erida – Erida was away, but Manus was a ray of sunshine everyday. We had planned to stay one night, but stayed 2 because it is just so wonderful.

Die Poort
Manus Die Poort
Die Poort is like a mini nature reserve where you can rent stone cottages or caravans (or even tent) and spend a blissful holiday just listening to nature around you. You could also be less lazy and hike in the beautiful Cederberg mountains, go bouldering or rock climbing, swim in a natural pond…or just sit and listen to nature. You might guess what we did. In our defence, it was the hottest 3 days of the year and just sitting there was quite strenuous – thank goodness they have refridgeration for my white wine!
Die Poort
The whole place is run on solar and you still have everything you need. Fridge for white wine and beer. What else does one need anyway, really. We rented one of the caravans and braaied (that’s a bbq for the non-South Efricans among you) every night. The stars were spectacular and birds and insects too.
Die Poort
They also have adorable dogs who kept us company throughout our stay. Look at the cute baby.
Die Poort
There are wild mountain leopards too, but sadly we didn’t see them. Don’t like people apparently, or was it that they just didn’t like us, hrumph. The baboons stayed away thankfully – they are less fun than leopards. When we used to go hiking with my folks in the mountains around Port Elizabeth, they would throw rocks at us when we were at the water pools they wanted to be at, miserable creatures. Seems it’s not just the leopards that don’t like us…
Die Poort
Die Poort
I can’t speak highly enough of this beautiful place. The cottages are luxurious in my opinion, but according to Manus, people have higher standards than I do, and some find it too simple for their tatses. Well poo to you. This place is heavenly and we hope to get back there someday. Thank you Manus for your friendliness and letting us stay in your magnificent piece of paradise.
Die Poort
Die Poort
Die Poort / Bushmanspoort
Manus and Erida
Contact: Erida
Telephone: 082 802 8422
Mobile: 081 052 8114
E-mail: diepoort.cederberg@gmail.com
GPS: -32.101694, 19.054472

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