15 On Orange Hotel

Concierge level of the hotel.
15 on Orange is a brand new 5 Star hotel in Cape Town city center (corner of Grey’s Pass and Orange Street) and we had breakfast there with the General Manager’s fiancé – what can I say…we know people. People who can get you an awesome breakfast. Entrée the beautiful, friendly, slightly crazy and divine, Cecile.

Cecile and I in the lift.

The hotel is very modern and the attention to detail is enormous. In keeping with Africa there is a Songololo* chair on the Concierge level, but it crawls off into darkness it pales so much in comparison to the gold sofa in the lift. Sally, my magpie mate in France is going to be sooo jealous! I could not resist photographing us living the life of Riley, even if only between stops. (See the very end for a note to “Living the life of Riley”)
*Songololo is an African name for a centipede/millipede.

The Songololo chair.

We were given a guided tour by Nona and I didn’t stop flashing the entire time. Calm down, I do mean the camera although the hotel layout would afford other opportunities… An amazing and extraordinary feature within the hotel is the addition of pods. These are 4 rooms which extend over the restaurant and which offer full views of the hotel (and vice versa should you forget to close the curtains…).

The Pod rooms of the hotel.

They have 2 hanging baskets up front, then a double bed and thereafter the bath all in one. So people walking by on the other side of the hotel could see if you were washing behind your ears or not (remember the curtains, yes you, with the cauliflowers growing behind your ears). All the rooms were very nice but these are such a novel idea and are my favorite.

The pod room again.

Cecile in the pod hanging basket.

There are several bars, one of which is open 24/7 and another is the Merano / Murano bar called so because of hundreds of Merano glass pieces all hooked together to form glass curtains. There are 3 restaurants and if breakfast was anything to go, they can only be great.

The Merano glass bar.

The Wellness area was grand too, with a couples mud room (…), massage/treatment rooms, and The Pool. Now you tell me: have you ever swum with such a view before? No, I didn’t think so. Awesome. When the Cape Doctor (aka the southeaster) blows, it has been known to completely empty the pool (and bathe passersby – just kidding), but for the view alone it would be worth sitting in an empty pool.

The swimming pool on the roof of the hotel.

One of the wellness rooms.

But now it’s time for breakfast. Wow. They have a breakfast buffet (no other mealtimes have buffets) in the Savour Restaurant which was amazing. Fresh fruit, custom breads, hams, salami, graved lax, smoked salmon, oysters – to name but a portion of what was there. I tried a very small plate and would definitely not eat for a day or two before hand next time (are you listening People That I Know?!) so that there would be space for more runs on the buffet.

My plate from the buffet.

Thereafter we had the Hot Breakfast which was a la carte and deevine. Cecile had Eggs Benedict (looked great), Lars had the Designer Breakfast (omelette with smoked salmon – good but less impressive than the rest of ours), and Joerg and I had the Smoked Salmon Latkes with poached eggs and sauce mornay. THE BEST.

Salmon latkes with poached eggs.

The latkes (potato cakes) were crisp on the outside and soft in the middle, the eggs were poached to perfection with the yolks still soft, and the sauce was very tasty. A superb combination of tastes and textures which we thoroughly enjoyed. It wasn’t exactly cheap, but it is a 5 Star establishment so one should not be surprised by the cost.

The perfect poached egg.

So well done, 15 on Orange. This is one happy blogger who thoroughly enjoyed visiting your hotel and eating your superb breakfast. If at any point you feel I should critique your other menus, you know where to find me… (I’m the one on my knees salivating down your leg!)

Inside the hotel.

15 On Orange Hotel
cnr. Grey’s Pass and Orange Street
Cape Town
(It’s right next to the Planetarium and The Company Gardens.)
email: info@15onorange.com
(Hey guys, try putting a little more Cape Town contact details on your website and a little less Newcity group Jhb please!)

The expression, “Living the life of Riley” suggests an ideal contented life, possibly living on someone else’s money, time or work. This is not a negative expression, but instead implies that one is kept or advantaged. Thank you Wikipedia!!

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Looks fab!

I do love being shown around new hotels... This one looks fantastic, and so central! Love the pods too, and OMG that breakfast...!

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