• Forgive me for I have neglected you!!

    Thank you to all who have written to moan about my long absence and SORREE about it! Life has been totally crazy here in Africa with lots of things going on all the time, like: family and wild animals, food and food poisoning, luxury breakfast and warthog sausages and I'm only talking about the first day...

    But never fear when Crystal's near - in 3 days I will be in Germany and all will be revealed. Sorry for not writing and please stay loyal to me - soooon I will be bothering you with more anecdotes about life and its food and we will never again have a month without one another.

  • Family and other wild animals

    Today’s recipe: Elephant stew
    A photo of sea and rocks in Port Elizabeth.
    In light of all the miserable weather in the northern hemisphere, I am almost ashamed to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the summer sunshine in the southern hemisphere. If it makes you feel any better, I have had a spot of bother with sunburn, food poisoning and hate mail from freezing Europeans

  • South Africa, The Great

    Today’s recipe: Copper Penny Salad / Carrot Salad

    Table Mountain from across the bay.

    I had almost forgotten how beautiful South Africa is and I am so proud of how well the country has jelled together. Yes, there is still a high crime rate, but we are a unified SA so now all nationalities can’t pronounce their vowels! Racism is still rife in all ranks, but the communal cackling of nations going on in this bus doesn’t seem to be aware of it.

  • Braai time (not Brie time!)

    Today’s recipe: Marinade for meat or chicken.
    Springbok kebabs.

    A braai is similar to a barbeque in that bit involves cooking meat over flames outside. But that is where the similarity ends. A PROPER South African braai involves real wood, no charcoal or (heaven forbid) (gasp) gas. We want flames and carcinogenic black bits on our meat. The word can be difficult for foreigners to pronounce and it has been referred to as a Brie, which is just plain wrong!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Braai

  • 15 On Orange Hotel

    Concierge level of the hotel.
    15 on Orange is a brand new 5 Star hotel in Cape Town city center (corner of Grey’s Pass and Orange Street) and we had breakfast there with the General Manager’s fiancé – what can I say…we know people. People who can get you an awesome breakfast. Entrée the beautiful, friendly, slightly crazy and divine, Cecile.

  • Etihad Airlines

    Etihad brochure with a photo of a stewardess.
    I forgot to mention in my last African posts that our African adventure started with Etihad Airlines. It’s the first time we’ve flown with them and we were very impressed with the service, food and aesthetics of the stewardesses. Beautiful red nails, perfect buns and red lips, always in a friendly smile.