From this to this!!!

The beach at Manta Rota, Portugal
I took this photo on one of my beach walks in January and arrived back home a few days later to this.
Our unpassable driveway in France
I was only gone 5 weeks and look what you people have done to the weather! Next year I'm not coming back before spring I tell you. We also arrived back to no water, no telephone and no internet. Might I mention that is ever so slightly displeasing to my tan.

We were very fortunate to be able to spend January and a bit of February in our camper van in southern Spain and Portugal. It was magical and (god willing) we will be spending every winter there from now on. I'll make sure to have better internet access next time as it was harder to find internet cafes than we expected. Though that shouldn't come as a surprise as we were doing our best to avoid cities and hang out at the beach, so duh to us.

I have also fallen in love with Spanish and Portuguese food. Not that I have actually come across a food nation that I didn't fall in love with, but hey, I shall keep looking. The fresh fish in Portugal was absolutely to die for. I sadly took too few photos, but I shall be recreating the food for you right here so do not fear when Crystal is near.

Right, so straight back into the next post. This is about a restaurant we visited with my deevine aunty Wendles and uncle Peter in Albufeira, Portugal and will be immediately followed by a recipe on how to cook sardines as served in the restaurant.

Hope you're as glad I'm back as I am glad to be back!!!

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Welcome hooooooome!!!!

Ola Cristella y Jorge, nice to have you back again! Sorry that we didn't took care of your house... it must have been icecold the first days. Whenever you want, do come over to our place and we'll have a nice Elsasser Sauerkraut on our austrian Kachelofen in order to get you back into the south french reality. LoL, see you soon!

Pity I couldn't get online as

Pity I couldn't get online as otherwise we would have been camping at your place begging for Sauerkraut everyday! Great to see you again and look forward to more visits this year.

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