Andy’s Awesome 3-ingredient Dessert

Andy’s dessert
Let me start off by saying that this is no dessert for the faint hearted. This is a dessert for toughies, not sissies. Well, if you can even call it a dessert… But let me first start by introducing you to our awesome mates, Andy and Annie.

Annie, Andy and Joerg
We met these lovely people in Portugal last year and were able to spend lots of time with them then and again this year. Many an afternoon and evening is spent in front of the fire or bbq supping wine and beer, and on the odd occasion, and only if one must, water…
We are often joined by other van dwellers and everybody brings something and we have deelicious meals together. Nadine and Stefan with their two beautiful boys, Jeremy and Malik, are part of our happy family and we look forward to more meals with them too in the future.
Annie, Andy and Nadine
Andy is also a master wood carver who creates the most amazing sculptures with his chainsaw. Have a look at his website: This is one of his many masterpieces, a Baloo type bear. Andy has a wicked good sense of humour and we laugh and joke all the time. His wife Annie is sooooooo lovely and kind and sweet and nice and pretty and and and! Okay, I’ll get back to the recipe now!
Andy’s Baloo bear
We had a South African style potjie with them on Saturday and Andrew made dessert for us. Let us not pretend that this is Haute Cuisine. This is a dessert for when people have invited themselves to dinner and stayed longer than expected and you need dessert without any time to prep or go to the shop. Aka, the perfect store cupboard dessert!

This dessert contains alcohol, so please don’t serve it to children, pregnant women, or people with alcohol issues. Even some adults that can, shouldn’t eat it…! Use as much as you feel you can cope with!

(1 serving)
4 chocolate biscuits, any type will do, choc chip, chocolate, digestives, etc.
1 tot of brandy, at least (I warned you!)
1-2 tbsp yoghurt, crème fraiche or ice-cream
Put in into a bowl in the above order and enjoy! Very naughty but very good! Thank you Andy and Annie for this superb dessert and all the superb days together! See you sooon!

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Looks delish and soo simple.

Looks delish and soo simple. Look like good buddies too and fun! Xxxxx

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