Another lunch at Brasserie Capoul

Thai beef salad
My wonderful aunty Wendles and uncle Peter stayed with us this last week for another memorable holiday – we definitely won’t forget The Energiser Bunny dancing at The Husbands 50th birthday party! Thank you Peter for getting everyone onto the dance floor. My great mate, Deirdre, said the dancing looked like a scene from Jungle Book…I think you had to have been there.

But this post is not about The Party, but rather about a comment said Uncle made as I photographed yet another meal we were enjoying together. I was rather laughingly reminded that taking pictures of the food was only one part of the posting process. Actually putting fingers to keyboard and posting about it was the more important part. Alright already, I just forgot that second bit…

So I am going to be bombarding you with restaurant meals I’ve had over the last, cough, grumble, year or two. Or three. Okay, I heard you the first time!

Prawn Ceaser salad

My last post was about a lunch I had at Brasserie Capoul in Toulouse in May (and yes I am aware of the fact that it was over a month ago that I last posted) and lo and behold, so is this one. Not about a lunch in May, but about a lunch at the same restaurant in October 2012…be quiet back there!

We were without my mate Lynn on this occasion, but otherwise it was Sal, Debs and I again. And the food was deevine (which is why we went back again strangely enough). In fact, I found it even more beautiful the first time round. Just look at my beautiful salad – it’s almost too beautiful to eat. But only just almost.

Thai beef salad

A minor, small, inconsequential, tiny, almost-not-worth-mentioning problem is that a year has passed. And I forgot to photograph the menu as a reminder of what it was exactly that we ordered. In my defense, I assumed I could go on-line at some distant point (like December of the same year) and see the menu on-line, but it had changed. Bollocks. So now from memory and a sadly neglected diary, this is what we ate.

I had the Thai beef salad which apparently came with a sauce which I think was a Yuzu sauce. I don’t exactly remember for 2 reasons: a) it’s been a long time since then, and b) they had actually forgotten to put it on my salad that day… Yuzu is apparently a tart, aromatic East Asian citrus fruit that tastes like a heady mixture
of every citrus fruit you can imagine.

The salad was SUPER if a little lacking in the finishing touch taste wise because of the missing sauce, but made up fully in freshness of all products and the visible impact was great.

Prawn Caesar salad

Debs had the Prawn Caesar salad which looked and tasted great. I would have chosen the same but I do like to try something different and then taste everyone else's too! She was very happy with her choice as was Sal.

Goats cheese salad

Sal had the goats cheese salad, which she very often has so she is our regular expert on said salads, and she said it was very good too. It wasn’t Chevre Chaud this time (a typical salad in this area of France), but the fresh chevre crottin.

Goats cheese salad

Chevre Crottin: A French term used to describe a small round, molded cheese made from goat's milk. Translated into the word "dung or horse droppings", the term Crottin is used mainly in reference to the shape and finished appearance as small round forms of cheese. (Taken from )

Café Gourmand

For dessert the girls had the Café Gourmand – same as in the last post, but it is different and excellent every time. One got the chocolate dessert pot thingy and the other the strawberry. Both were excellent with the chocolate one winning by a hair.

Café Gourmand

I conclude this run on Brasserie Capoul with lots more praise and recommend you go there and give it a bash. Enjoy!!

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That goat cheese salad looks

That goat cheese salad looks amazing to me! Also love the shrimp dish. Looks like you are still off snails after your big tadoo?

nice cook and nice recipe. I

nice cook and nice recipe. I am a food lover and I love all the cooking programs and i enjoyed this a lot. thanks for uploading

Looks great, but.....

... I'm impatiently waiting for another recipe! This trendy citadin food is very nice but ever since your super party (thanks again) I was looking forward to find the recipe of the delicious south african lamb-beans dish you made. Please share it with us!

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