Boys chasing their balls

Golf players on the beach
If you thought anything bad when you read the title, then shame on you. Clearly I meant their golf balls! These men can be spotted on the beach, come rain or shine, smacking or looking for their balls. There we go again, sigh.

It is quite impressive how they manage to manoeuvre their GOLF balls up and down the beach without actually taking out any of the tourists along the way. I tend to err on the side of safety and use the telephoto lens to take photos rather than get close and see how good they really are.

Golf players on the beach
Mr Red Jacket was the first to start the ball rolling – I am just to funny. After a few days, he was joined by Mr Black Jacket and then finally by Mr Green Cap and together they managed to empty the beach. No, they are/were dedicated ball hitters and didn’t hit anyone that I saw, as they are clearly on the ball. Ho ho.

Golf players on the beach

Now that I have started the ball rolling and with the ball clearly in my court, I decided to press on and find something interesting to tell you about sayings/expressions with ball in it. And you are about to not be disappointed as I have the ball at my feet! Don’t know that one do ya? Means I’m the man – or I’m in control in English English.

Balls to the wall - push to the limit, go all out, full speed
This is not a reference to the male anatomy, as some would believe, but an expression from the world of aviation. On an aeroplane, the handles controlling the throttle and fuel mixture are often topped with ball-shaped grips, referred to by pilots as (naturally) balls. Pushing the balls forward, towards the wall of the cockpit, is to apply full throttle and the highest possible speed.

You live and learn… to play ball!

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