Clowning Around

A clown travels the world
It's been quite a while since Epiphany, hasn't it?! We have met the two most wonderful, talented, deelightful clowns in the whole world. Allow me to introduce Elli and Angele. We keep meeting up here in southern Spain and have yet to decide who's following who. I just hope they'll follow us home and then I can keep them with us forever 'cos they're soooo nice.

Ellie and Angele
The two girls, sorry young ladies, have spent three years at clown school in Germany – yes people, there really is such a thing as studying to be a clown and it's damn hard work actually. Ellie had unfortunately torn a ligament in her ankle and was taking it easy on crutches, but Angele practiced her juggling for hours with fantastic results. I'm glad if I can catch one ball, never mind five while balancing one on your chin at the same time. I am in awe.

Ellie and Angele
These two wonders of the world earn a living with street performances, party appearances and theatre work too. They have certainly made me think twice about walking past a musician or performer in the street without dropping a few pennies into their cap. It's such hard work for them and it's a way to earn an honest crust.

Ellie and Angele
Sometimes one looks at people with dreadlocks, or piercings, or hippie type clothes and puts them into a category is that is not actually fair. My new found friends may have dreadlocks and piercings, but they are hard working, intelligent, kind, honest souls who just like an alternate lifestyle that doesn't harm anyone else. They travel in their camper van, walk the dog they saved from the streets and are in general an absolute pleasure to be around.

So if you need a clown or two for your party, give me a shout and I'll send them over to you – you won't be disappointed!

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Glad to hear it

Glad to hear about clowns spreading smiles wherever they go - I run a couple of clown-oriented sites (Free Clown Skits providing skits to my fellow clowns, Famous Clowns providing history of those who've worn the floppy shoes before) as resources to my fellow clowns - bump a nose!

Clowning Around | A Cook on the Funny Side

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