Fantastic Faro Fish Restaurant

Restaurant: Peixe Assado, Moinhos do grelha, Faro
The restaurant
This is just an amazing fish restaurant on the estuary on the periphery of Faro. We discovered it by chance on one of our cycles and I will voluntarily cycle 25km ONE WAY to have lunch there. Believe me, as a not-particularly-good-cyclist, this says it all for the quality of this restaurant.

Now, don’t be going there expecting Michelin star service and cuisine, where one receives 3 peas in a foam of donkey breath on a bed of combed mermaids tongue. No this is a rustic operation, run completely by women (sometimes they allow a man to grill the fish, but probably only if he does as he’s told, hee hee!) which just serves fish. And lots of it.
Joerg and the starters
Fish, fish fish
We try to find authentic Portuguese restaurants whenever we can. You can get a steak anywhere in the world, or fish and chips, but we like to try local foods. We’d had a very poor meal in Faro town itself one day and on our way home, we passed this restaurant filled to the brim with Portuguese people and made a note to return asap.
Fish, fish fish
Two days later we were back and enjoying countless types of fish. This restaurant has one set menu: Fish. Full stop. Allow me to explain. For €12 you get:
A drink (500ml wine or whatever your choice of poison is)
Mixed salad (suuuch great tomatoes at this time of year!)
Baby potatoes
Polenta (to die for – it’s made with stock and is soooo good)
Toasted bread slathered with garlic oil
Again, allow me to explain. The fish just keeps on coming. All different types! Swordfish, sardines, dorade/sea bream, salmon, tuna, and anything that’s been caught that day. And she only stops bringing you more when you beg her to stop!

It’s all grilled on the coals in the open kitchen directly adjoining the restaurant. It’s all freshly caught and grilled to perfection right before your eyes. I just love it. Remember, this is not a collar-and-tie place, this is down to earth “home” cooking at its finest. And did I mention that at €12, it’s a real bargain too!!!!

Oh yes, there is dessert if you want for a small amount more, but I’m always to full to order it. Friends had some last month and said they were great too. Try it yourself and tell me all about it!
Restaurant: Peixe Assado Moinhos do grelha
Sitio da Panasqueira 8005-145
Phone: 966 555 680

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