Lesley and Nicci - great to know you!

Our breakfast area at the cottage
One of the great things about travelling are the people you meet and Lesley was no exception to this rule. We were lucky enough to stay at Lesley’s Airbnb for 3 days and we would have gladly stayed much longer as it (and she) was so super. A perfect little cottage with an amazingly interesting and great human being.

Lesley in her garden
Lesley has written a book about her time in a sect in America and her life in general and I can highly recommend you reading it too. The book is called Cult Sister by Lesley Smailes and is available on Amazon and other book sellers too. My husband and I had to draw straws as to who got to read it first! He kept going, Oh wow, that’s incredible and then not telling me what he meant!
What to do with your shoes
And now I am going to do the same to you and not say anything except READ THE BOOK! Staying in someone’s home or cottage who you don’t know can seem quite daunting, but I must say, this South Africa trip proved to us that it is really fun. Lesley has a beautiful vegetable garden and we got up really early and sat listening to the birds and watching the sun come up.
Vegetable garden
She was fun, kind and helpful and we couldn’t have asked for a better host. She invited me to attend her church on the Sunday evening and it was super. Fathers House is a special place and I am glad I had the opportunity to go there. If you happen to be in Port Elizabeth and are looking for a church go there.

From Lesley we went to Nicci and Mike’s for one night. Again we would have happily stayed muuuuuch longer, but they were fully booked. They have a beautiful cottage and are a beautiful family. I have no photos of them, but of one of their beautiful dogs!
Nikki’s dog

Nicci and I just adored each other from the moment we met. She is just an amazing person and I miss you Nicci! Incredible that one can meet someone and spend a short time together, but feel like friends straight away. Sorry for not being in touch Nikki, it’s not for lack of finding you fantastic!!!!
Décor in the cottage
Nicci let my niece and nephew play in their garden and just made us feel right at home. They are so kind and their children and dogs too. Sigh, I just can’t praise them highly enough. Nicci is a ceramicist and makes the most beautiful stuff, from crockery to decorations and beautiful artsy creative things. Go on her website and order stuff!!
Nicci Stewart Ceramics, 150 Fordyce Road, Walmer, Port Elizabeth
Thank you for being so amazing and don’t forget to visit me in England and France!!!!

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