Mind the train on your way to Olhão!

A bird on our cycle path
We had more fun than intended this year when we ended up sunk to our hubcaps in sand when we stopped at our regular spot 3km out of town and wanted to cycle in to town. Thank goodness for Caterpillars…

…and the two very kind young men who helped pull us out. The most excitement the sleepy hamlet had seen in many a year. And more excitement than I need, thank you very much. Last year we had unexpected “fun” at the same spot when the train arrived sooner than expected. Please allow me to embellish.
The approaching train

We parked up with 2 other vans (you remember them from my posts … don’t you?!) and spent several days talking, drinking and eating too much. To get rid of some the calories and exercise something more than just our jaws, we regularly cycled into Olhão. The cycle path crosses over railway bridge – as does the train.
The bridge

On one very memorable occasion (especially for Uwe), the train arrived a little earlier than expected. Bicycle in hand and walking as quickly and safely as possible, the girls yelled, “Uwe, the train’s coming!” He stopped to turn and see and realized he’d better keep going! All worked out well, but some people did need to go home and change their underwear!
Looking through the bridge

DO NOT take railway crossings and bridges lightly folks. They come a lot faster than you might think.

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