Relaxing in Portugal

This could be me!
This photo needs no explanation and depicts me enjoying the sunshine. Okay, so I (mostly) sit in a slightly more ladylike fashion, but there‘s nothing like warm sunshine on a full tummy.

We visited the market in Vila Nova de Cachela on Sunday and I was really impressed by it. (This is where we discovered Tummy Cat) There is an outside market which was pretty standard/boring, but the market that runs through the town center was super. Lots of character and interesting goodies to buy.
A local marching band

We got some lovely sheep cheese and chourico – the lovely paprika sausage you get in Portugal and Spain. I think it‘s worth driving down here just for the chorizo! The others in the group (I‘ll introduce to them in another post) ate Churro, a deep fried super sweet pastry, but I held out the grilled chicken. Those who know me know I‘m not a sweety, but I could probably manage a whole chicken given half the chance…

This is what Wiki has to say about the village: Vila Nova de Cacela, or simply Cacela, is a town and Civil parish in the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António, the southeasternmost of the Algarve, Portugal. The population in 2011 was 3,902,[1] in an area of 46.03 km².[2] Cacela is an exclave of the municipality of Vila Real de Santo António, one of only three in Portugal to have exclaves.
A lagoon and popular beaches exist by the coast of this civil parish. It is also the site of the eighteenth-century Fortaleza de Cacela.

But enough with the boring facts, let me tell you about the CHICKEN. Steffi and I decided to queue for chicken grilled over coals and we were not to be scared away by a wait of 1 ½ hours. Yes, you read right, we waited for 1 ½ hours. We joined what we thought was a queue, but it wasn’t actually. After an hour we discovered that people were waiting for orders, but they took pity on us (or was it my crying and wailing?!) and put us on The List.
Chicken over coals

The List is still a mystery to us, but I have my chicken and aren’t too concerned about it anymore. You had to be on the list to get food, but we didn’t/don’t know how to get on to it (without crying). The Chicken was worth the wait and I probably would have waited half an hour more if needed. I can still taste it now and may actually join the queue today to be sure I get a chicken next Sunday.
Chicken over coals

There is nothing quite like chicken cooked over coals. Juicy with the taste of fresh air and wood smoke. Sigh, I think it might be lunchtime so I will end off and join a queue somewhere...

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