On the road again! Northern Spain

Ozaeta Dam and National Park
So finally after a 7 month break, I’m back to blogging!! Life just got in the way, sigh. We are now back on the road and I have every intention of boring you with all the details about our fantastic adventures, so feel free to come along for the ride if you’d like to.

Ozaeta Dam and National Park
We left France a good 4 weeks ago and our first stop was Ozaeta National Park in northern Spain. We have been here many times before and absolutely love it. You can walk or cycle for days never mind hours around the dam and surrounding villages. We normally stop here in winter so it was a nice change to spend time here in what feels like summer even though it’s autumn.
Ozaeta Dam and National Park
We collected wild fennel seeds to make Porketta, an Italian rolled pork roast I’ll post about soon, and walnuts. This year has been a super walnut year and we are now well stocked up for the mice, I mean for us. It was a good year for mice too in France, but that problem is now under control, she says hopefully! We walked for hours and enjoyed the sunshine.
Ozaeta Dam and National Park
Here’s a photo of me working on the principle of, if you want to look thin, stand next to something fatter than you are! (If only just!)
Ozaeta Dam and National Park
From there we headed across northern Spain towards Leon. The stretch between Burgos and Leon is pretty flat and unprepossessing, but we did see a lot of people walking the Camino de Santiago(that ends at the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela, also known as The St. James Way). I think that this stretch is probably one of the hardest not because it is difficult, but because it isn’t and is just flat and long. We have watched so many movies about it, that we will have to try it ourselves sometime. In the future…
Valencia de Dom Juan
We decided to stop below Leon at a place called Valencia de Don Juan just because I liked the name of the place. I also saw on the sat-nav that there’s a river there and decided to give it a try. Turns out to be a lovely place with a super recreational park and river walks for miles. We parked in the forest and walked over the bridge into town. We even spotted an otter, but it didn’t pose long enough for a decent photo so you shall just have to believe me.

Can you spot the camper in this photo??
Van in Valencia de Dom Juan

Pueblo de Sanabria
Next day we drove to Pueblo de Sanabria where there is a beautiful walled city way up on a hill, but very little parking for big vans like ours, so we headed over the border into Portugal at its northern most entry. Soooooo beautiful! The mountain pass reminded me of driving in the mountains in South Africa and is well worth a visit. We arrived in Braganca and stayed in this delightful city for a few days. I will tell you all about it in my next post!
Hills from Spain to Portugal
Hills from Spain to Portugal

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Delighted to hear from you!!

Delighted to hear from you!! We would LOVE to meet up with you guys again!! Any chance you'll be in Portugal Jan, Feb or March 2019? The weather is much better over here for sure!! Lots of hugs and kisses C&Jxxx



Happy to be back too, darling

Happy to be back too, darling Wendles!! Just sifted through hundreds of "comments" that were basically all computer generated and trying to sell dodgy stuff...so I was glad to spot yours amongst the nonsense. Looking forward to seeing you sooooooooon! Love C&Jxxx

Hi you two looks like you're

Hi you two looks like you're living the dream. Love reading about your adventures, where you've been,where you're going, new recipes etc etc it's brilliant. Maybe one day we'll meet again with a few tins of haggis for you haha.Enjoy your holiday & love to you both xx

The "delighted to hear from

The "delighted to hear from you" comment is for you guys, but it seems to be there above all on it's lonesome. Must be the computer and not an error on my side...haha!!

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