Salobrena, Spain

Salobrena by night
We continue our adventures in southern Spain, enjoying much better weather than the rest of Europe – well, as long as you exclude the hurricane force winds and driving rain we've just endured for the last 3 days. Ripped off one of our solar panels it did. But now it's back to tapas, blue skies and beach glass collection activities again.

I must tell you about Salobrena with it's moonlit mountain. We were parked just below this massive rock for about a week and met the most interesting people. The Husband trails the internet looking for all types of weird and wonderful things and on one such occasion he happened upon “Orgel Dieter”, a permanent camper van liver (great english, eh) who makes a living playing the accordian and making balloon animals at markets and festivals.

So we were cycling to the library to make use of their free wifi (thank you very much!) when Joerg came to an abrupt halt as he had spotted Dieter's van – Dieter who we had never met before and who did not know of our existence till that very moment. A quick bang on the door and that situation was therewith over and we are now friends I am happy to say. In we went and oohed and aahed at the proper woodstove, and all that space.

The lovely Lena and Dieter

Dieter and his lovely partner Lena are deelightful, so do bang on the door should you see their camper van and say hi from us. They were planning to go to Granada to a restaurant called La Olivia where you get a 17 (yes seventeen) course meal with various wines for €35!! Ask her how it was and send me comment please. Here's his blog so you can go and have a look at this same picture but with Joerg and I in it!

The mountain is lit up Friday through Sunday and is a thing of beauty to behold. There are also lovely beaches and great sunrises / sunsets so go and 'ave a look, would ya.

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The storms over the last few days have been a bit unexpected to many but they do happen (often a little later in the year after most tourists have gone).

The area around Salobrena does attract a few characters but the town (and La Caleta) also has quite a few Spanish characters living there! The area unlike many other coastal towns has retained its traditional character.

From there you have easy access to many things such as Granada, the movie studios/sets (used in over 200 westerns) in Almeria and the caves in Nerja so there is plenty to do. Also the gardens in Velez de Benaudalla and the gorge below that town through which the river Guadalfeo runs.

Glad the weather is getting back to normal, hope you have fun on your trip and make the most of the fresh seafood in the area. (Try the baby squid!)...

Will definitely try the baby squid

Thanks for the very interesting comments and I love all the info on your site. Will visit the area again in Jan and blog more about your wonderful coast.

The world is small!

We South African girls obviously have the same taste! But it is amazing of all the places in Spain that we went to the same spot. The candlelit procession sounds amazing. Will have to go there in September in future. Will be posting more about Spain - maybe we've been to other spots too.

I've been there!!

Astonishingly, I have been to Salobrena! We rented a villa between Salobrena and Almunecar a couple of summers ago - it's a glorious little town and I loved that castle... We were there in September when there is a candlelit procession through the streets to their patron saint - it was like a scene from a movie :)

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