Tea in the Teapot

Inside the teapot downstairs
And I mean it literally. We had tea in a teapot! This magnificent, ginormous teapot can be found at Castelnau-Magnoac in the Gers, France. It was originally situated in Scotland, but as the old saying goes, “have teapot will travel”, it is now in France!

The teapot entrance

Liz, a mate of ours, brought the Magical Teapot to my attention, so she and 2 lovely students, Séverine and Cécile, we had staying at the time went there for tea. I felt like we were visiting Old Mother Hubbard who lived in a shoe, or in this case a teapot. It’s sooooo nice and quaint and just so darling, you just must got!
Séverine, Liz and Cécile

We had scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam and they were deelicious. Liz chose the scone with currants in it, and the 3 of us took the plain ones, and needless to say, we all loved our scones. They are enormous and we weren’t able to finish them – yes, I know I’m a big girl, but even I couldn’t finish mine. Will go without lunch next time and will then definitely be able to finish it.
The scones

It costs €6 per person for: a pot of tea or cup of coffee, accompanied by a scone of your choice, served with Rodds’s clotted cream & jam. There are other things on the menu too, like a Ploughman’s lunch and sandwiches, as well as a large selection of cakes, all of which looked deevine.
Inside the teapot upstairs

Clotted cream isn’t something you can buy in France, so they actually import it themselves. It’s like a mix between butter and cream and is really fantastic. You can either eat it or smear it on your thighs – just kidding of course. Eat it and enjoy it, that’s all one has to do.
Up the stairs to another sitting area

My wonderful students thoroughly enjoyed this English specialty and we thoroughly enjoyed having them stay. We look forward to seeing you both again!

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