• Savory Biscuits

    A photo of some of the girls in the ballet.

    When my famous friend, Marieke, the Dutch ex-prima ballerina and current ballet teacher, asked me to make savory biscuits for her annual Ballet Show, I immediately said YES. Being in charge of the nibbles means I get to stand behind the bar with the food and drink at my fingertips – a slice of heaven.

  • Honey, I'm home!

    A photo of a tomato salad at the beach in Sete.

    I’m back home and rearing to get back to my blog. Hope you have had as great a 2 weeks as I have just had. We went to Lac de Salagou, from there to Sete at the Mediterranean (that’s where the photo is taken) and to Roses in Spain as well. Except for one awesome thunderstorm, we had fantastic weather and swam in the lake at Salagou and in the Mediterranean Sea. We ate oysters sitting on the beach and cycled along the Canal du Midi – how lucky can a girl get?!

  • German Potato Salad

    A photo of German Potato Salad.

    The nice thing about being part of a European family is the tradition. I was going through my photo archive and found a photo of New Years Eve two years ago which we spent with my German in-laws. Part of the family tradition is that we have wonderful Smoked Trout homemade by the equally nice Herr down the road and Potato Salad.

  • Hasselback Potatoes and August Fun

    A photo of Kathleen holding her plate.

    Although I have been promising to catch up from January 2nd, I just have to tell you about the Hasselback potatoes I had in the month of August first. August is party month. August is the busiest month of the year after July which was actually also very busy… But anyway, stop interrupting yourself woman, and tell your stories!!

  • Gone Fishing

    As of today, I am on holiday!! We’re off to the Mediterranean for two weeks starting tomorrow. The cats are in a Cat Hotel, the rabbits, ducks and sheep are getting fed by friends and the drought-ridden garden is being taken care of by yet another friend. I’m exhausted from all the organizing! BUT, I will definitely have lots to tell you about when we get back, so stay faithful to me and I’ll post again before the end of the month. Lol, Crystal