Hello 2011

Mannequins in Toulouse
It's a little late but a lot heartfelt: here's wishing you the happiest, healthiest and luckiest year ever. May you keep none of your New Years Resolutions and still be deliriously happy. THANK YOU for staying faithful to me in spite of my very long dry periods, some of which were for no good reason and others were also for no good reason, but on a different level.

Our 2010 ended with an unwelcome case of hiccups when my Dad had an aneurism, but 6 weeks later he is on the mend and we are all looking forward to him getting better and coming home. So without further ado, this magnificent blog (it's my blog so I can say what ever I want) is back up and running into the welcoming arms of 2011.

I have many many recipes to share with you, including:
Red Cabbage with apples and blood sausage (course you can leave out the sausage if you prefer),
Leek and ham pancakes (smothered in cheese or just plain Jane style),
Vegetarian lasagne (come on now, even my a-meal-isn't-a-meal-without-meat Mother said it is amazing and with the mushrooms you thought it had meat in it)
to name but a few of the many delicious dishes that await you this season. I have loads of catching up to do, so watch this space!

Oh yes, and did you notice that it is now eezy peezy to leave comments? Up till now, only my very faithful Oyster Culture has diligently left comments, but now the path has been cleared for all of you to write to me and I would LOVE to hear from you. No need to log on anymore, just fill in your name and blog if you have one and voila, you're ready to sing with the fat lady!

AND seeing as I am galloping with happiness this 2011, I have decided to do a weekly special themed day and it will be henceforth known as: Farm Friday. You'll be guaranteed at least one post a week, but I promise to do my utmost to make it way more than that, and you'll see what's happening right here in the center of the world. Okay, the center of my world!

BUT now I have to hurry off back to bed so that I can get some sleep and start tomorrow with a big smile and happy fingers to type up some of the awesome recipes I have for you to try.

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Best wishes to you and yours

Best wishes to you and yours for a wonderful 2011. So sorry to hear about your dad and so happy he is doing better.


Looking forward to seeing what the 2011 year brings for you and for us.

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