Meet Lucy and her parents, Steffi and Olaf

Lucy with a headscarf
Isn’t Lucy just the cutest doggy in the window? She may have to take off her headscarf if she wants to go to the beach in Nice…

Steffi writes a great travel blog ( ) and a second one about the Algarves ( ). And she writes e-books too! Her websites and e-books are in German, so you may have to take German classes with Joerg and I if you want to read them. Geez, I think I’ve just discovered a new business here – thanks Steffi!
Lucy & Steffi
Their car is a 50 year old converted ambulance. No, that’s not a typing error. The car is having its 50th birthday this year. It’s older than me but looks better; now that just ain’t right.

Steffi and Olaf are seasoned travellers and have cycled around Thailand, Laos, the Canaries, Istanbul to Bremen… I mean with a bicycle and their own 4 legs, no machines involved at all. Wow. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling tired just thinking about it. But they didn’t stop there! After an unprecedented flight delay in Istanbul, they decided to cycle back to Germany rather than wait for the next flight…

Something like 3000km instead of 3 hours sounds like the perfect solution. So the next time your flight is delayed, you just walk up to the desk and say, “I don’t need your services anymore thank you very much. I will instead cycle from Gatwick to Toulouse.” Oh come on now, you are just too lazy for words.
At the beach
Not only are they great people, great travellers and adventurers, great cyclists, they are also great parents to Lucy. Lucy should actually be renamed Satin Ears because…can you guess? Yes?! You may be too lazy to cycle home, but you are obviously clever. She has the softest satinest ears on the planet earth. They take her on loooooong walks, take her swimming and even let her sleep under the covers with them when she’s cold. Now that’s what I call great parenting!

Well done you 2 lovely people! Keep up the good work and give Lucy a cuddle from me.

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