• Valentine's Day is far away

    A (late) friend of ours, Felicity, told us a really funny story which will relate to today’s post in a very round-about way. Her husband was driving to England and near Calais, running out of energy, he decided to stay at the next hotel. A few kilometers further on, he stopped at a rather seedy looking establishment, but as they could offer bed and breakfast, he decided to stay there. Next morning he went down and asked for coffee and croissants. The croissants seemed rather elderly so he asked it they were fresh that morning.
    ‘Non, Monsieur’, replied the Patron, ‘they are from yesterday.’
    ‘Well,’ her husband said, ‘I’d like some of today’s croissants, please.’
    ‘Mais bien sur, Monsieur’, agreed the Patron, ‘come back tomorrow.’