• The Gorch Fock Sailing Ship

    Photo of the GF coming into Port
    Sitting pretty at one of our favourite spots in the Algarves, Ferraguda near Portimao, we bore witness to the spectacular arrival of the German Naval training ship, the Gorch Fock. This massive Tall Ship sailed right by our window, much to the excitement of all.

  • Ledima on Tour

  • Lunch with Ronaldo

    Photo of Ronaldo
    So maybe he wasn't there in person on this particular day, but he could come in at any time as this is a restaurant he regularly frequents. Well, that is if the photos are anything to go by. His face is plastered across the walls, arm in arm with the owner, who really was there. And it's no wonder Ronaldo loves this place 'cos this restaurant rocks!

  • Footsie on Valentine's Day

    Anja and Micha's bootied feet
    I looked up the word Footsie online and this is Urban Dictionary's answer http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Footsie
    As in Playing footsie (under the table)
    The act of flirting in which one secretly touches the feet or legs of another with one's own, as under a table. Have a great Valentine's Day - live dangerously and play footsie with someone...

  • Wild about Asparagus

    Anjas pancakes
    TODAY'S RECIPE: Asparagus Pancakes

    I can hear the circling helicopters in the distance, dogs yapping and people calling my name, but I can't stop. I just have to keep checking yet another bush for another spear of asparagus. Just one more. Then another one and another one. The search and rescue people asked me to tell them approximately where I would be looking tomorrow so that they could find me more easily, but I won't be fooled. They just want to get to MY asparagus before I do...

  • Wild asparagus

    Anja and Gabi holding asparagus spears
    I discovered Wild Asparagus last year thanks to our mates Anja and Micha (you can meet them in the post...) and now I'm hooked. I had no idea such a beast existed and now I can't bear to be without it. I found other types of wild asparagus on the net, but not this type. It grows in between really prickly bushes and blood stained arms are the pride of every spear picker.

  • Agua Amarga, Andalucia, Spain

    The coastline with Joerg
    We discovered this beautiful place after meeting the 2 beautiful people, Ute and Roland (who I called Ronald for the first week...sorry Roland!). We spent several evenings sitting with them playing cards, drinking and just having a blast. They have promised to visit us in France, so you will get to see more of them too.