Agua Amarga, Andalucia, Spain

The coastline with Joerg
We discovered this beautiful place after meeting the 2 beautiful people, Ute and Roland (who I called Ronald for the first week...sorry Roland!). We spent several evenings sitting with them playing cards, drinking and just having a blast. They have promised to visit us in France, so you will get to see more of them too.

The lovely Ute and Roland

Agua Amarga is a real hidden gem of a place. The photo below there is (slightly visible) a little cove that is really only accessible from the water and apparently there is a cave there where people used to go to take mud baths to soften their skin. No need for me as I regularly manage to fall into the mud flats around here (more later), so my skin is baby bottom smooth.
The coast and cove

There is also a mile long white beach which is super to walk, sunbathe or people watch. That's Ute and Roland (in the photo below) coming back from cave exploring. There are many caves along the coast which have apparently been inhabited throughout the ages, including this new age with hippies and other fun seekers.
Ute and Roland

If you look at the next photo very carefully, you might be able to spot Kermit, our camper van...not in a cave silly, but looking out across the beach.
The beach and our car
And a little closer...

The town is in the Cabo de Gata nature reserve and has maintained some of it's fisher village charm in spite of the large number of tourists in the summer. We love the winter time in these Summer Paradises as it is so peaceful without the masses (sorry to all the summer holidaymakers!). There is also no/limited internet access or open shops, but hey, that's what we want.

They also used to mine something here (feel free to add a comment and tell what it was) and you can take lovely walk along the old railway tracks. We went off into the mountains and enjoyed the wildflowers and exercise.

The day we left the sun disappeared (we didn't need it anymore anyway), and 6 brand new BMW's arrived, much to the delight of all men and women in the area. They were being test ridden and I immediately managed to get an invite to go for a ride...said no of course as husband was present... So now that I haven't ridden off into the sunshine, I will continue writing this blog. Adiós por ahora amigos!!
BMW heaven
BMW off-road

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Does Joerg ever look at you

Does Joerg ever look at you that way????? Hope you're having a nice holiday. Don't forget to come see me (and Beth) in Atlanta.

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