Banana Coconut Cheesecake - The Story

Apple bobbing and marshmallow diving!
I am often asked to make dessert as I love to cook and most people seem to enjoy what I make. What can I say, perfect in every way…okay so I’ll lay off the bottle a bit. I took this cheesecake over to Sam and Florian’s the other night and everyone enjoyed it so I thought I’d share the recipe with you along with photos, baking tips and party games for old and young.

To start the evening off, the four gorgeous girls did a “spectacle” for us. This was a lovely dance routine perfectly done by all and thoroughly enjoyed by all old foggies. The photos in this blog piece were taken early on, well before an adult or two had looked too deeply into the bottle and impersonated the children. I shall not name myself and am grateful that my husband did not find the camera as the children look way better for the games than moi. I had loads of fun mind you…

Firstly, there was bobbing for apples which the children mastered beautifully. Dipping one’s whole head in and pressing the apple against the side of the container works really well. And you don’t have to wash your hair the next day.

Second came marshmallows in flour. Said wet child (or apparent adult) gets an eye mask and has to look for marshmallows in flour. Do these photos need any explanation?? (They’re at the very end by the way – got to keep you reading, haven’t I?)

Thirdly there was rooting for sweeties in “worms” or more commonly known as spaghetti. As the mature grownup that I am, I tickled and screamed with the children so that some spaghetti was being tossed about the room…oops. It’s possibly best not to invite me to your kid’s party unless hysteria and bad behavior is what you’re looking for.

Anyone for worms?

And somewhere well after the pumpkin hour, the party really started, but seeing as there is no evidence, my motto will be “the less said the better” and I’ll get back to THE CAKE.

I don’t really like pudding and cakes, but I must say that this was VERY good indeed. It might look like a long list of ingredients, but it actually was relatively quick to make. I mean it took hours to make dear hostess!

I have had some fun making cookie based tarts before, like sealing the “crushing” bag and then violently whacking it from a dizzy height. Anyone with half a brain can imagine what will happen…clearly I have a full brain ‘cos I didn’t and I had cookie crumbs in every conceivable corner of my kitchen.

Equally funny is what happens when you try to open a coconut with a hammer before emptying the liquid via the eyes. Oh you do empty the liquid without first piercing the eyes, it’s just not quite as controlled…

Also melting chocolate in the microwave sounds easy enough doesn’t it? Well, not if you turn the dial to 4 minutes and then bugger off. The entire house smelled like horrible burnt chocolate for weeks. The smell lingered in the vents of the microwave forever girlfriend.

So learn from me and have fun making this delicious dish. I’m posting it separately ‘cos of all the photos – so you basically get to enjoy this dish twice!

Lily goes first
Then along came Olivia
Charlotte got in with the fun too
And last but least Claudia managed to find some floury marshmallows too

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