Devil's Dyke

Brownie with ice cream dessert
The little girl at the next table came running back to the table with her Daddy trailing behind her, and said very happily to her Mummy, “I need a poo!” Seems Daddy was responsible for taking the little girl for a wee wee, but that Mummy was responsible for poos. They really mean it when they say we share the good things and the bad things in a marriage!

I visited my wonderful parents, aunty Wendles and uncle Peter, and my mate Deirdre in England again in December (they can't get rid of me no matter how hard they may try) and we went out for a meal at The Devil's Dyke. Any restaurant with such a lovely name deserves a visit if you ask me.

I have in fact eaten there several times (and am still allowed back) and enjoy it every time. The food is not exceptional or even excellent, but it's very good and the setting is superb. It's set way up on Devil's Dyke (gee, how did you guess that?) and you have views all across Sussex. Not all of Sussex of course, but a lovely part of it.

I often take my lunch up there and stare across the countryside. Not into the restaurant, silly person! What are you like?! It's a National Parks area and you can walk for miles across the Downs. I haven't done that as yet (might mess my lunch if I did), but I plan to... I do have to watch getting hit on by travelling salesmen when I'm sitting there stuffing my face (not a pretty sight at the best of times) – seems it's also a meeting spot. Or is it just me...

Salmon and veg

But I am digressing from the actual post and that is to tell you about the restaurant and not about my odd meetings. The restaurant is set at the end of the road and has spectacular views (may have mentioned this already...). The inside of the restaurant is also tastefully done and it's a pleasure to be in there. The staff are incredibly friendly and the service is very, very good, but can be a tad slow when they are busy (like that's unusual Crystal).

I'm going to start with the desserts 'cos they are most peoples favourite and if you want a sugar rush of note, you are in the right place here. The desserts are really good and I don't even like sweets. I had the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Cheesecake (served with cream and dulce de leche) and I almost fell into a sugar coma. Don't get me wrong, it was good, but I'm just not used to eating sweet things. The Chocolate Brownie looks and tastes spectacular too.

Pork belly

For mains, I usually have the Stuffed Pork Belly 'cos it's something I don't usually cook at home and it is always very good, as is the Seared Salmon. My father had the Fish pie the previous time and loved it, but my mothers burger was so tough I couldn't cut it with a steak knife. They very apologetically took it back and took it off the bill without even being asked to. I did notice the Poo Lady sending hers back this time too, so be warned.

Peters Roast Beef from the Sunday Lunch menu was also tougher than expected, especially as it is apparently from 28day aged beef. Fortunately he doesn't like parsnips so Deirdre and I generously ate them on his behalf and they were superb. We are just far too good.

Beef Sunday roast

I believe that it is part of a chain of restaurants, called Vintage Restaurants, and as far as chains go, this is a good one. Again, the food is good not excellent, but I still recommend a visit as it's well worth it. Enjoy!

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