Farm Friday 3: My Kitties

Buddha in the doorway of our farmhouse in winter
I amaze myself at my Farm Friday dedication. It's shortly before midnight and I am dutifully at my computer purely for your pleasure...okay, so I too enjoy my blog. We have had a wonderful week with a delightful French student, Alexandre, who I would adopt if it wasn't for the fact that he already has a wonderful family. Buddha and Puss Puss, my first and second born furry “children” are slightly jealous, so I am posting photos of them today.

Buddha in HIS chair
Those of you without furry children may not be familiar with the extreme love and devotion that we parents have towards our feline kids. Yes, he may not speak in a clear language, but I understand his every whim (and that would be FOOD FOOD and FOOD). Both my babies are cuddle monsters and we very often are “forced” to stop working and just cuddle. (Tear in corner of eye).

Puss Puss enjoying the afternoon winter sunshine
Poor Buddha is on a constant weight-loss program (sorry Mommy's baby), but Puss Puss is able to eat as much as she wants. Bitch. Literally and figuratively. She is also bulimic, so will scoff everything in sight (including unspeakable's from the trash and unguarded dinner plates), go outside (or inside if I am exceedingly unlucky) and throw it up before coming back in and screaming for more. Only a mother could love her...

Puss Puss yawning

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Budha and Puss Puss sound

Budha and Puss Puss sound like characters. Thanks for introducing us!

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