Farm Friday 9: Duckling Delight

The one and only duckling
“A man walks into a bank, pulls out a gun and demands that the cashier gives him all the money she has. She quickly hands over the money and puts up her hands in fear. The man turns to one of the customers in the bank and asks if he had seen what had just happened. The man says yes, of course he had. So the bank robber shoots him. He then turns to a woman customer and asks if she had seen anything. No I didn't, she says, but my husband did...“

What has this got to do with ducklings you might (quite rightly) ask. Nothing actually, but I heard it at a party recently and I just thought it was too funny for words. Joerg is refusing to go into banks with me now, but hey, you can't win them all. We have another deevine student, Cedric, staying with us for a couple of weeks and Joerg has taught him to say (in fluent English), “Never Get Married”. His parents are going to be thrilled...

The Mother and her friends and The Baby
And talking of thrilled, I just love my ducklings! See, I can get that curve ball. At the moment we have only one duckling and that to a “teenage” Mum. She'll be off with her friends and suddenly remember, Oh the baby! By this time, I would have rounded up Joerg and would have waded into the pond in my undies to save the shrieking “baby”. Momma Duck, aka Pom-Pom, due to her pompom (I know, you'd never have guessed), must be completely deaf as “The Baby” (called this because it's a baby – I will insist in keeping you on your toes) has a decibel level that cuts through glass. But she's soooooo cute and I am soooooo thrilled!

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That photo is adorable and i'll repeat that joke this week too!

So cute. Pom pom is adorable,

So cute. Pom pom is adorable, though perhaps a bit scatter brained re: child-minding. Our ducks are so protective we very rarely get to hold a baby :-(

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