Farm Friday: Angels among us

An angel on our farm
Yet another week has passed and still no recipe, but at least I am keeping up with Farm Friday. I might just get round to posting a recipe today, but don't hold your breath as blue might not suit you... The above photo is of a metal piece of artwork by our friend Jackie Grimm who is the most amazing artist. We also have a Spanish Flamenco dancer from her, but you'll have to be patient and wait to see her.

An angel on our farm

Although we didn't know Jackie at the time when she made this amazing sculpture, it has clearly been sculptured with me in mind. If you are kind you will say it is because I carry the weight of the world easily on two fingers as does my angel. Or if you're my husband you will say it's because of her rather large bottom. And tummy. And yes, he will be allowed out of the cupboard sometime this evening.

Regardless, I am delighted to look like my beautiful angel and have not brushed my hair all week just to be like her. Tomorrow we have a French student coming to stay for a week to learn English – I'll soon have them talking like a Souf Efrican - and the house still looks like a nuclear disaster area. The cat brought in a mouse this afternoon and put it somewhere that I have yet to discover. No doubt the parents of said child will find it the minute they walk in the door.

So I shall have to dash and clean 4 more radioactive rooms before their arrival in less than 18 hours. I had hoped to plaster the wall behind the angel and take down the tarp and put up bamboo fencing and and and, but I shall be happy to just have the time to have a shower and brush my teeth. Do write and tell me that I am not the only one who never has time!

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