Farm Friday4: The Snow Plow

Our plow during the “storm”
So I missed one Farm Friday, but does that really mean I have to be tarred and feathered?! I am, of course, grateful to my loyal / crazy following that they even care, so I shall endeavor to be better and not let this happen again. And I do have SO much to write about. And I have tons of recipes just about ready to be posted. Sigh.

Last week we had a flurry of snow which I thoroughy enjoyed. It only stayed on the ground for a couple of hours, but they were joyous hours and I have these two beautiful (modesty disconnected) photos to prove it. Those from snow regions may have other ideas about snow plows, but we country folk have our own version.

Our plow in the sunlight

We have had a couple of hectic months (don't I always say that?), but things are calming down (ditto). My dad is doing a lot better and has actually started moving his left side a little, so we are hopeful that he will going from strength to strength. My Mom is happy and positive and sewing my curtains (fanks Ma) and we are fat and healthy. Compared to the tragic events unfolding in Japan, our lives are fantastic. Our hearts and sympathies go out to them.

We have had a couple of super duper French kids staying with us to learn English, which we thoroughly enjoyed. I promised Alexandre I'd send him my Apple Pancake recipe so I WILL do so this week...knock that look off your face, will ya! And lots more, c'est sure! But before that, I will even post another post TONIGHT! Lucky you...!

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Oh, I miss the snow and love

Oh, I miss the snow and love these scenes. You've reminded me of why I love winter. I am so happy to hear that your dad is doing better.

I understand crazy busy, having a bout of that myself. Hang in there and I look forward to reading whenever you can post - its a treat.

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