Freds Fish and Chips

Taken from inside Freds Fish and Chips
I absolutely love fish and chips. It's one of the many reasons I love going to England, besides the obvious ones like visiting my wonderful parents, aunt and uncle of course. And spending hours in Charity shops buying other peoples junk/treasures. I started the year off with 10 DVD's which we watched at least as many times each with our wonderful students, but if I see “French Kiss” or “Kangaroo Jack” one more time, I may have to throw up for an hour or two. Now I'm at 100 or so “thanks” to them charity shops.

But I sidetrack myself again. Fish and chips. Food of the Gods if you ask me (or even if you don't for that matter). Not something you want to be eating on a daily basis unless you want to gain a pound a day. However, listen to these interesting facts I read on the board at my Absolute Favorite English Fish Shop.

-Delicious and nutritious – an excellent source of high quality protein, carbohydrate, vitamins, calcium, iron and dietary fiber.
-Vital to any balanced diet because of the white fish content.
-Lower fat than any burgers, kormas or pizzas.
-Lower calories than any burgers, kormas or pizzas.
-Fried by us in Frymax, the all-vegetable cooking oil with no hydrogenated fat...and
-Great Value for Money!
Supporting The Great British Chippy

So there. I can have my fish and chips and enjoy them guilt-free knowing that they're way better for me than just about anything else and I'm supporting my country (or one of my countries). And I just looooooove them to boot. Thought I'd mention that again just incase you'd forgotten.

Now, I've had many a fish and chips during my visits to The Family, and they have all been good, with some being gooder than others. But there is one shop that wiggles its way to the top of the favorites list and has retained 1st place for the second year running. Freds Fish and Chips in Littlehampton. The food is cooked fresh as you wait and is always super duper. If you happen to be in the area (and who isn't in the vicinity of the pulsating town of Littlehampton?) do stop by and give them a try. You won't regret it. And say I told you so – maybe I'll get an even bigger piece next time. Hey, it's good for me!

Freds Fish and Chips
55 Pier Road, Littlehampton
West Sussex BN17 5LP
Tel: 01903 721255

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