Garragem Restaurant in Monte Gordo, Portugal

Dorade with baked garlic
We'd actually decided to eat at O Tapas, but alas (or maybe thankfully), O Tapas is closed on a Monday so lunch with Ronaldo was out of the question. (See post ) Just as an aside, did you see that he scored 2 of the 6 goals his team got at the weekend? Me either, but Anja told me and I wanted to look smart. And no, I don't know what team he plays for...

So it was back to the Shower House and more gesticulating as to where we should now go for lunch. “O Tapas is closed on a Monday” she said. “I know” my growling tummy said through my gritted teeth. However, she did tell us to go to the restaurant right next door to O Tapas and we were not to be disappointed.

The lovely Vanda

It is quieter and slightly more upmarket than O Tapas and Vanda, the owners daughter, is deelightful and the service and food were great. And at exactly the same (cheap) price as O Tapas. How do they do it, I ask?! €10 for all of this:

Bread, butter, fish pate
Wine or beer or soft drinks
Bottled water
Soup or Tuna Salad
Fish or meat with potatoes and vegetables
Large dessert choice
Brandy or Almond liqueur

Bola Bolacha dessert

And when asked for the recipe of one of the super desserts, she actually gave us a list of the ingredients and method. Thank you Vanda! It is in Portuguese and no quantities, but with some internet research and some practice, I've come up with a recipe for you. I know, I'm far too good. So remain faithful to me and the recipe for Bola Bolacha will follow shortly.

The sea bream again

But back to the food. We had a lovely grilled Dorade / Sea bream for the main course which came with baked garlic. To die for is all I can say. The fish was tender and perfectly cooked and the oven baked potatoes were lovely too (even if the piglet in me wanted french fries...). The vegetables were out of a tin so not great, but the fresh salad and the quality of the rest of the food more than made up for them. (And as an aside, the sole I had at O Tapas this week was overcooked...)

Almond cake

We all tried different dessert options and no-one was disappointed. The almond cake was totally different to the one served at O Tapas, but was equally good (and a recipe for this will also follow). But the Bola Bolacha was the hit of the day. Nothing for Weight Watchers members, but then again, most food isn't suitable for WW!

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and can definitely recommend you visit this lovely restaurant. Maybe on days when Ronaldo doesn't score 2 out of 6 goals...and he plays for Real Madrid - see how intelligent the internet is?!

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All these look very simple

All these look very simple and perfect for breakfast and they can be used for the afternoon snacks. I would like to know about it.

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