Lunch at Brasserie Capoul, Toulouse

One of the deelicious desserts
This is a wonderful brasserie in Place Wilson, Toulouse, which I visited in May with my mates Debs, Sal and Lynn. Lynn, an old friend (time not age you cheeky buggers) from America spent two fun-filled weeks (or at least I think so!) with me in May of this year –and yes, I know that's 3 months ago. Don't get me going on the Snail Trail again...

I hadn't seen Lynn in 5 years, so we happily spent 15 days doing non-stop talking, drinking and eating. A very civilized way to spend time with friends. The weather was dire so we had to eat and drink more just to stay warm...okay, lame excuse, I know.

We had many nice meals during her stay, but this one was certainly the best. I ate there once last year and never got round to telling you about it – snails will often overtake me – but decided not to let this one slide by. I photographed the menu to remind myself, but it's a bit's tough being blonde at times.

Last year we all had salads, great big tasty meals-in-one, but this time 3 of the 4 of us went for the Menu of the Day and it too was fantastic. Sally had a very deelicious salad:

Ceaser salad with thinly sliced breast of smoked chicken, capers and croutons (and shaved Parmesan).

Ceaser salad

At €24 for a starter and main, or main and dessert, it's a tad more than the usual daily menus around here (€12-15), but also a lot better in variety and taste. Debbie and I had the starter and main, and Lynn the starter and dessert.

Stuffed sweet red pepper starter

For starters we both chose:
Sweet red peppers stuffed with salt cod, mashed potatoes and fried garlic.

It was super. I have made this myself in the past and felt that my potato fish mix was slightly more tasty, but this was deelicious. Mine didn't look quite as appetizing so I'll have to work on that for next time. I'll post the recipe soooon.

Another view of the starter

There were 3 main course options and we each chose different ones and we were all very happy with our choices.

Grilled squid on a plancha, basmati rice (with pineapple) and a (light) curry sauce.

Deb's Grilled calamari

Piece of Black Angus Beef, fresh French Fries and a salad (and a type of relish).

Lynn's Angus

Skewer of chicken marinated with preserved lemons, and Oriental style eggplant.

My chicken

In the interest of this blog and not (only) because I am a greedy pig, I had to taste everyone's food, and I can attest to the fact that it was all exceedingly good. I like to try different things so the Chicken dish which I had was really up my alley. The sauce had sweet soy sauce, preserved lemons and paprika in it and I will be giving it a bash sometime.

The dessert Lynn chose for dessert looked and tasted great:

Hazelnut cake, milk chocolate and frangipangi

One of the deelicious desserts

The other option was: Small sweet cream puff, strawberries and vanilla flavored cream. Sally ordered a Cafe Gourmand which is an espresso with small dessert thingies and got the second dessert option with a boule of the frangipangi ice-cream from the other dessert. It was also really super.

Another deelicious desserts

It was a terrific meal and I can really recommend giving it a try. Oh and the girls all said the bathroom was super – will have to try it next time!

Brasserie Capoul
13, Place Wilson
31000 Toulouse
Tel: 0561.21.08.27

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What is this, is this found

What is this, is this found inside a coconut? If so then listen, this is my favorite food item, I love eating this. Nice post man.

Not quite inside a coconut...

Hi Nadia
Thanks for visiting the blog. There was fresh coconut with the rice in the calamari dish and it was GREAT. One of my favorite food items too. Will have to post about it sometime...

I miss you too!

I also miss the talks! Not to mention the lack of toilet in the hotel room in Bezier, hee hee. MUST get together again without 5 years passing by. Will answer your email sooooon! Lots of love Cxxx

I had the time of my life in

I had the time of my life in the South of France with you! I miss our late (3AM) talks and the fabulous food. I never thought I'd like Duck (even the raw Duck), but now I even have it at work if available. I am still trying to lose the 3 lbs I gained-the food and wine was worth every pound!

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