Lunch with Ronaldo

Photo of Ronaldo
So maybe he wasn't there in person on this particular day, but he could come in at any time as this is a restaurant he regularly frequents. Well, that is if the photos are anything to go by. His face is plastered across the walls, arm in arm with the owner, who really was there. And it's no wonder Ronaldo loves this place 'cos this restaurant rocks!

From the outside O Tapas looks like nothing at all and we had walked past it and deemed it “just not good enough” for moi. We always try to find really authentic restaurants where the locals go for meals and this place looked touristy – I mean it has what it calls a Tourist menu so you can't blame me for thinking this, now can you. And it's not a beautiful building nor is it in a beautiful spot.

Inside the restaurant

We asked the Portuguese woman who runs the Shower House where she would go to eat. This sentence requires two explanations: firstly, a shower house?! In lots of Portuguese towns there still exists a public shower house where you pay a Euro to have a shower. It is soooo sweet! Secondly, “asking” may be a slight exaggeration. Gesturing wildly may be the more correct way of putting it. Come on now, can YOU speak Portuguese I ask??

Said woman immediately said O Tapas, clear in any language, and as this had also been confirmed by friends Anja and Micha, we decided to have lunch there. And what a wise decision this turned out to be. Ronaldo, you done good choosing this place.

My sole, salad and chips

We got there just after 1pm and the place was buzzing. Some tables had already been turned around and it was still packed and loud with the voices of happy diners. The staff all speak at least English if not a couple of other languages too and are friendly and efficient. We had lovely fresh rolls and fish pate and butter as soon as we'd sat down. Then to the important things: wine. They serve a lovely bottled table wine with the menu (not in a jug like).

Almond tart / cake / roll

I just have to tell you about THE MENU. For €10 you get this:
-Bread rolls, fish pate and butter (normally this is charged extra in good restaurants)
-Tuna salad or Soup
-Choice of meat or fish - swordfish, prawns, sole, and more to chose from – with chips & salad
-Dessert – almond tart, flan, baked egg white dessert called Molotoff and many more
-Wine or beer
-Almond liqueur
It just keeps coming!

Molotof dessert

I know I'm repeating myself, but TEN EUROS is not a lot for so much really good food. Everything was fresh and deelicious and nicely presented. Now every time we go to a restaurant we compare it with O Tapas and all I can say is, they mostly come in a sorry second.

This isn't a five star restaurant with cloth napkins and a Michelin starred chef, but just a regular restaurant with great food. And hey, if it's good enough for Ronaldo, it's good enough for me! See you soon Ronaldo and O Tapas!

PS: You can also find my review of this restaurant on TripAdvisor.

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Fun and dandy! I go to bar

Fun and dandy! I go to bar and club sometimes to have some fun and food as well. This place looks nice I hope I will go there.

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