Mirande Country Music Festival

Old style music man
I have something to confess: I am a closet Country Western fan. There. It's out. I've kept this secret long enough. I love country music. Not all the time mind you. Too much of it makes you want to jump off even low buildings, just to make it stop.

Street scene

My husband thinks that this bridge-jumping-point is reached after just 1 song. So it was with much wife-full encouragement that I got him to attend the Mirande Country Music Festival along with myself and my aunt and uncle. And he LOVED it! Okay, so he still isn't capable of listening to more than 2 songs without looking for bridges , but at least he's doubled his song ante.

The sea of stetsons

The festival is a real eye-opener. I've never seen so many stetsons in one place outside the US of A. My uncle quite correctly pointed out that some people are natural cowboys and some people are just not, and the joy of seeing both groups is as much a part of the fun as is the music and line-dancing.

A natural cowboy

We hung around the square where there is free music – I'm not paying Euro 30 to go and see a show when I get it for free right here. I don't love it that much, thank you very much. The band even played music from my absolute favorite artist, Keith Urban, and they played it so well that I was able even to recognize the song!

The band playing in the square

The line-dancing in the square is spectacular. Try it before you mock it, is all I can say. I could see myself wiping people out left, right and center, so it's best I avoid it merely for the safety of others. Watching from a careful distance I have learnt that there are various types or ways of fulfilling this demanding task. You get the really cool and then the really complicated, and sometimes a combination of the two.

Cool and complicated line-dancing

Under complicated, I consider anything that involves using both arms and legs doing different things. Throw changing direction into the equation and I become dizzy and confused just watching them. The people in the photo with one arm out and the other touching their stetsons belong to the cool and complicated group and were a sheer pleasure to watch.

Cool and complicated line-dancing

What counts as really cool, is when you keep your thumbs hooked into your pockets at all times while you dance about. I could probably just about manage this as I would have the arms under control and could concentrate on the legs alone. See the photo of the really cool dude with his thumbs in his pockets.

Cool hands in pocket line dancing

I desperately tried to photograph a line-dancing lady of about my size who had managed to squeeze herself into her 5 year old daughters Indian girl outfit, but I was unsuccessful. My uncle was more successful and managed to photograph this beauty (surprise surprise) and although her outfit is also clearly her daughters, Mom looks just grand in it!

Good looking line dancer

Even if country music really isn't your thing, panic pas, as this festival is stunning. It's great fun, the cowboys and non-cowboys are a joy to behold, the music is mostly modern country so less wrist-slashing needed, and the general vibe is super. So next July 14-ish (the festival is always 4 days around and including July 14th) bring your stetson and come on over!!

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Looks really complicated but

Looks really complicated but im sure its a lot of fun. Id want to attend a festival like this at some stage

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looks like fun

I cannot believe its in Europe, looks like any number of towns in the US

Yes!! I really like this

Yes!! I really like this musical festival and I know every person like to enjoy this event and I want to say that they are really very excited for this event. I also want to celebrate this event and I must say that thank you so much for this news of musical event. I am still waiting for your next topic about this festival.

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