Our spot in Mojacar
We've been to Mojacar before and I did blog about it last year (you remember of course), but we like it so much we went back again this year. And we love it as much again this year. You can see Alex, our camper van, in the foreground - he's named after Alexander the Great, a name chosen by our wonderful friend Roger because of his enormous size – the van not Roger you silly person!

The sun goes behind the hill at about 4.30pm and then you can walk to the other side and see this magnificent view before it finally disappears off into the sunset...
Our spot in Mojacar

We stay on the grounds of Antonio's Bar and eat there as a Thank you. I know, I have it really tough. We had some deevine deep fried anchovies, apart from the minor artery clogging properties... He is a tad overpriced, but you have stunning views and we get to stay right on the beachfront, so you won't hear me complaining.

Mojacar is a major tourist destination and this is good. Why do I say this when I normally loathe tourist places? Andalucia has a very low GDP (about €20 500 per year per capita), but the municipality of Mojacar has a GDP per year per capita of €90 000. Wow! You can read all about it here:

Not to be out done, the tourist board all tells you stuff and have interesting info about the Indalo Man which is an Andalucian good luck charm. I know, your life is now complete. Cheeky monkey.

I'm off to photograph another beautiful sunset. Bye!

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Mojacar Income

Anyone any idea why Mojacar income is so high? At 90k per capita, if we assume 50% of people work it implies 180k per wage earner.



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