Os Bombeiros Restaurante/snack bar, Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Portugal

 Os Bombeiros restaurant
As is the case with so many great meals that we’ve had in Portugal, a restaurant will often be called a snack bar and you wouldn’t even think to go and eat there. Our good friend, Moni, recommended this eatery to us and we were delighted with the great food we had there.

This is not a formal type restaurant and has the charm of a canteen (I suppose that is what it is to a certain extent), but it is clean and comfortable and you get great food. Isn’t that the main reason to eat out?! We have eaten there a couple of times now (had to make extra sure that it’s good before telling you about it!) and have enjoyed it every time.
Octopus dish
They offer two daily dishes (Prato del dia) which vary every day. I think they may have other standard items as another patron had something different to us, but I’m not sure. Sigh, I may just have to go back sometime (soon) and find out for you. Aren’t I just selfless?! We tend to order one each so we can try them both. The daily dish normally costs €5.50, but can cost a little more depending on the dish. A great price to say the very least and deeelicious to go with it!

We had an octopus dish with cubed potatoes, red and green peppers, tomatoes and olives which was served with a salad. It was deeeelicious and I will definitely be making it myself and will post a recipe once I have. The other dish we had is called Franchesina and is a well-known delight from the Porto area. I have often seen it and wanted to try it, so was delighted to find it here. It was superb and that recipe too will be posted for you asap.
If you are in Vila Real de Santo Antonio and are looking for an inexpensive but good meal, stop by the Bombeiros (fire department) and have a bite to eat. You won’t be disappointed.

Rua Francisco Sa Carneiro, 8900-307 Vila Real de Santo Antonio, Portugal

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