Passion for Pancakes

Lena’s deevine pancakes
Passion is definitely the theme for January so I decided to share another passion, this time one of The Husband’s Passions. Joerg loves pancakes (me too!) and Lena’s pancakes are positively fabulous. I make a mean Apple Pancake (Lynn my American mate can vouch for this), but these are deevine too.

Lena and Dieter visited us in 2015, but I simply didn’t get round to writing up the recipe for you. (You met them in previous posts.) But better late than never is a good motto so here it is. (PS: They write a German travel blog and even if you don’t speak German the photos are super too.)

I’ve left out the quantity for the Quark / fromage blanc / smooth cottage cheese as you should use as much as you feel like. Try a heaped tablespoon per pancake and then see if you want to add more or less.

Same with the vanilla sugar. Add a bit to the quark and have a taste to see if it’s sweet enough for you. There is no sugar in the pancake mix, so you might need to add bit more sugar to the quark if you have a sweet tooth.

And the same again with the apple puree! Add as much as you want! You could even add some to the quark. Some apple purees are sweeter than others so have a taste before adding sugar.

Lena’s deevine pancakes
Lena’s Quark Pancakes

250ml flour
500ml milk
3 eggs
Pinch salt

Quark / fromage blanc / smooth cottage cheese
Vanilla sugar
Apple puree, optional
Oil and/or butter
Butter to fry finished pancakes

1. Whisk all the pancake ingredients together. It makes a thin, crepe-like batter. If there are a few lumps, let it sit for a bit and then whisk it again.
2. Heat a little vegetable oil and/or butter in a frying pan, pour in enough batter to cover the bottom of the pan and fry the pancakes one at a time, flipping once so as to brown both sides. I find the first one never works out great as you have to get the temperature right and the timing when to flip it, but hey, the first one is for the chef to enjoy!
3. Use all the pancake mix (or keep some for the next day if you like) then stuff the pancakes as follows.
4. Put some quark (and apple puree if using) on to the pancake, then fold in half and then in half again. You now have a little triangle. Heat butter in the pan and fry/heat through 4 triangles at a time. They won’t need very long as they are cooked and you don’t want to lose the quark filling.

Now bring the pancakes out to your hungry guests and prepare yourself for their screams of delight. Okay, so that’s what Joerg and I do, but whatever you decide to do, you are definitely going to love these babies! Bon appetite!

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Many happy memories of pancakes in your van on a windy rainy day in Monte Gordo. Lovely to read this post. Love to you both.

sure would like to have those

sure would like to have those apple pancakes again some day....

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