Passion for Portugal

Laranjeiras mountains
I love Portugal! J’aime Portugal! Ich liebe Portugal! The incredible blue skies, the never ending sandy beaches, the deevine food and last, but certainly not least, the amazing Portuguese people. We’ve arrived once again at our second home, Portugal and are thrilled to be here.

The above photo is taken on one of our walks in the mountains around Laranjeiras, in the Alcoutim district. It was taken in the second week of January and we were in t-shirts – read it and weep you Europeans! This is African weather in the middle of winter!!

May I descend into toilet humour here please? Come on, everyone likes a bit of silly toilet humour don’t they?? The following signs cause me to giggle on a daily basis. What can I say, I lead a sad and sheltered life. To me the signs mean that there are poo zones for locals and poo zones for tourists…

Hunting not  poo zone!
Hunting not poo zone!

Sorry to my Portuguese friends for my strange sense of humour! The Portuguese word for hunting is caca and not, of course, poo. But still, I shall continue to enjoy the signs regardless. In France, my American friend, Lynn, found the gas (gaz to some) chain “But” very funny – do you get it: butt gas?! I know how to choose my friends.

Heart shaped snake

Even the snakes on the side of the road know how to die in style. (Well, I hope it was dead and/or not dangerous ‘cos I gave it a prod or two to see if it was dead and/or dangerous…) It was in the shade so maybe it was just cold.
Leo the dog driving the car

Even stranger things happen here: people let their dogs drive. Forget driverless cars, this is way better. Leo actually belongs to Anouschka and Joachim, a lovely German couple we met here last year, and who have made the very sensible decision to move to Portugal. We’ll soon be visiting their home in the hills overlooking the Atlantic – what do you mean I sound jealous? Well maybe just a teeny weeny bit then!

So watch this space for more posts about them and wonderful Portugal!!!!

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