Rajasthan Villa Restaurant, Toulouse

Rajasthan Restaurant
Rajasthan Villa Restaurant, Toulouse
Restaurant Review
4 Rue de L'esquile, 31000 Toulouse, France

Us gals do a lunch once a month and we were real happy when Debs discovered an Indian Resto in the deep south of France. (Where is the dodgy accent coming from one asks?) She'd been on Trip Advisor (where I too add my 5 pence) and it had a great rating so we trekked around Toulouse till we found it and we were jolly glad to have done so.

Just as a quick aside, on the small Rue leading to the restaurant we discovered this small clothing shop with the most interesting decoration I have yet to witness in a clothing store, or any store come to think of it. I include this photo because I think it's awesome and because my food photos are so bad this time that I am trying to save myself... Look closely aat what's inside the bath.

Body in bath

Daily lunch menus are the standard in France and this restaurant has wisely done the same. Out of sheer greed, I chose the menu with the most food on it (I have no shame). Actually, come to think of it, I did it for you (selfless as I am) so that I could comment on even more food. That was a close one. Moving right along then, here is the menu:

Thailie Viande Menu €17.00

Samosa ou Poulet Tandori

Poulet Kurma, Agneau Rogonjosh, Dhal Curry, Raita, Salades Indien et Riz Basmati

Dessert au choix ou café

(Debbie had an Oignon Bhaji and the Vegetarian menu)

I shall translate, un peu, shall I?

Samoosas Rajasthan Restaurant

Sal had the Chicken Tandoori as a starter which was a whole (small) cuisse (leg and thigh) and was very good. Jess and I had the samoosas which waereSUPER and for me, my favorite of all the food. The sauces were very good too with varying degrees of hotness (about which the waiter informed us beforehand). Debs had the Onion Bhaji which was also good, but I'm not a fried food person so it was not my favorite food item and it's also very filling.

I made the wise/unwise decision to order hot rather than the normal level of spice... I like it hot so I can confirm that I liked it, but I think that normal would indeed suffice. Need I say more?

Platter Rajasthan Restaurant

The food was presented on a platter in individual small dishes and although I have a big appetite there was no way I could finish my platter. And believe me, I tried my darndest. Of the main course I particularly liked the Chicken Korma. Lovely silky sauce and tender chicken. Deelicious. The Dhal was a tad runny, but all was tasty.

I am not a dessert person at all, but my arm can be twisted for mango related goodies. I mean it's a fruit so it's purely for health reasons... And what a wise decision it turned out to be. Debs and I chose the mango ice-cream with like a mango custard (I forgot to write down the exact description) and it was really good, and I mean really good. Sadly the photo I took looks like yellow bile so I shall not bother you with it, but it was really, really good. Okay, okay, you get it!

Oh yes, we also got a free (great) cocktail to start and a free (not-so-to-our-taste) liqueur at the the end. The service was very friendly and good and they speak enough English to help anyone who might need help.

If you feel like good Indian food, I can recommend this restaurant for sure. Give it a try and tell me what you think!

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thanks for Howard Davidson

thanks for Howard Davidson such wonderful info.

love Indian food!

I love discovering new places especially with a pack of gal pals.

The decoration in the cloth

The decoration in the cloth store is very interesting. They put a skeleton in a bath tub. And now when comes to food, I just love Indian food. Not because it is spicy and i also like spicy but according to taste also. I regularly visit Indian restaurant time to time wherever i go. I will surely visit this Rajasthan Villa Restaurant when i will be their..

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