Ronnie’s "Sex" Shop, Western Cape

Ronnie’s sex shop
NO NO NO, I am definitely not lowering the tone of this blog and talking about sex!! Honestly, what you people think of me, hrumpf. Ronnie had originally written Ronnie’s Shop on the side of his shop and then a few friends thought, I know what I’ll do on a lazy Saturday night…

And since then Ronnie’s-not-so-sex-at-all-Sex-Shop has become a major tourist destination on the scenic Route 62, Western Cape. We were driving along enjoying the “empty” landscape which we so love – mountains and hills, interesting flora and fauna – and suddenly a sex shop in the middle of nowhere. And I kid you not, there is nothing else about.
Ronnie’s sex shop
And in this emptiness, were other travellers who had braked to a sudden stop and decided to see what this place was all about. It was lunchtime and very busy, so we decided not to go inside, which was a real pity, because subsequent internet searches revealed a very interesting interior…

It would appear that men and women alike feel the need to leave articles of underwear hanging from the ceiling when they depart the premises. Considering that I only had a small supply with me, it’s probably a good thing that I didn’t enter the premises! These photos are courtesy of the internet.
photo from
 photo from

Amazingly enough, the food is apparently really good there, so they don’t just rest on their reputation, but do actually prepare good food. Next time I’m there, I’m definitely taking some extra underwear and heading there for lunch!

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