Signal Hill, Cape Town, and John Lennon

 Signal Hill
Like I mentioned in my Cape Town post, my sister-in-law and I walked the dogs on the mountain every day and one of our walks was just under Signal Hill with beautiful views across Cape Town bay and city. How lucky to live in such a beautiful place, or even just visit it in our case.

 Signal Hill
Signal Hill is called this because it used to signal ships in the harbour about bad weather. Just like the name says, kiddos. It is sometimes called Lion’s Rump because it runs from Lions Head and could therefore easily be its rump. And a beautiful well placed rump it is. It may not be as enormous as Kim’s, but is very well placed…I shall stop right there.
 Signal Hill Kramat
There is a shrine/Kramat/Muslim tomb on the back of the hill dedicated to the Muslim workers who were once held as slaves on that very spot (according to the lovely gentleman looking after the building). It is a beautiful building on a beautiful spot.
 Signal Hill Kramat
We went inside to have a look-see and was informed by another visitor that John Lennon came to this very spot to meditate in 1982. I was following in his footsteps, but without the getting shot and dying bit. Wow, all those years in Cape Town and I never knew. We used to drive up there of an evening with a bottle of cold white wine and watch the sun setting without knowing that John had walked here. Will my life ever be the same again, I tell you.
 Signal Hill Kramat
And that’s it for South Africa folks. We stopped on the hill to drink in one last spectacular view before heading home to Europe. Thank you South Africa for showing us your most best side at all times and we look forward to seeing you again. BUT more importantly, thank you to all the beautiful wonderful people we had the pleasure of meeting on our trip, both family and friends. See you sooon!!!
 Table mountain from Signal hill with the table cloth coming over

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