Supper with Susie and Eddie

Susie Said Stay for Sunday Supper
and if Susie Says Stay for Sunday Supper
you Stay for Sunday Supper
'cos Susie's Sunday Suppers are Super.

And Susie Serves Sunday Super Suppers Splendidly,
and Susie's Splendid Sunday Suppers Sure Smell Scrumptious
and Scrumptious Surely Says So much for
Susies's Super Sunday Supper!!!

Smoked Trout with Mascarpone

Actually it was Sunday lunch, but Sunday lunch didn't rhyme as well so I used a little poetic license. There was, however, no need for any help, poetic or otherwise, when it came to the food, drink and company of said Sunday Lunch. Lunch started with “a drop of Tat, dear”...

And that would be Tattinger Champagne (not just the regular bubbles you get at chez moi) which was Served (by darling Eddie) with Smoked trout stuffed with mascarpone and horseradish. Just a hint of horseradish mind you, not too much that it clears your nasal passage for the rest of the year, but just enough that it adds another level of flavor and interest to the already Super trout.

We were the first to arrive – Joerg because he is So Super punctual and me because it gets one to the Tat before the other guests. And the Snacks, but I did leave a crumb or two for the others. We met two lovely couples and the Super Carol who we had met before and whose birthday it was (always a good thing as it means an extra birthday cake too).

Not that anything extra was necessary as we were Spoilt rotten from Start to finish. After the Smoked trout, we moved into the dining room where we had Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup. It was creamy and Smooth and deelicious. And see the cute face in the cream? I'm not sure it was planned, but I love the extra touch anyway!

Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup

I took some very casual shots of everyone at lunch, i.e., nobody was looking at the camera, so casual creative just looks bloody stupid actually. So we shall just concentrate on food photos Shall we? I did Sneak into the kitchen to try and taste the food before anyone else, but Susie has eyes in the back of her, well, dress, so alas I had to return to the table and enjoy the Super wine.

Susie in the kitchen

I have as yet done very little if anything at all about wine in this blog which is a great Shame and very Surprising considering the great volume we consume of the Stuff. The Tat was followed by a Super (sorry if I'm over-using the word, but it really was Su...) wine which Eddie, Susies-Super-other-half-who-would-get-more-mention-if-his-name-started-with-S, had bought and laid down for many years in honor of our visit...okay, so maybe not in our honor, but we were honored to drink such a fine wine. It was a 1995 Grand Cru dry red wine from the Pauillac region of Bordeaux from the Chateau Haut-Batailley Winery. This winery appears in the Bordeaux Wine Official Classification in 1855. Humpf, and we only got a 1995... In the full knowledge that the word is highly over-used, Super.

The wine we drank

Then we moved on to the main course which was one of my absolute favorite things, Venison. Susie cooked it with walnuts and pomegranate molasses, something I am unfamiliar with, but which I instantly loved. The Slightly Sweet and tart flavors married well with the venison. Su...

Venison with green beans

As if this wasn't all enough, we then had a deevine cheese platter (no photo as I'm running out of space here) and THEN we had a Lemon Cheesecake to cleanse the palette before dessert! The cheesecake was S.... as it tasted a little like lemon curd which always reminds me of my Granny and it was just ….. I needed nothing else after this - actually I probably needed nothing else after the Smoked Trout but lets not go there.

Lemon Cheesecake

But like I Said earlier, it was Carol's birthday so we had to have cake as well So Susie made two types of Brownies, white chocolate and cranberry brownies, and dark chocolate brownies. I was eventually rolled to the car as there was no way I could walk after eating everything. Yes, I am aware that one can say no...if you're a very impolite and nasty person that is. I am of course the perfect guest and make sure you have no leftovers whatsoever.

The Brownie Platter

By now you may have guessed that we had a Super meal, but I must just Say before I finally post this blog 4 months after the event (Sorry!), that I would be hard pressed to say whether I enjoyed the food or the company more. What I can Say is that if you ever get invited for a Super Supper with Susie and Eddie, jump at it, grab it with both hands and ENJOY!!!

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That meal sounds just

That meal sounds just amazing. I love venison and it sounds almost Persian with the addition of walnuts and pomegranates.

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